Old friends who don’t know me

Ok, I’m doing research about the field of library science, and running into names, sites and tools I first learned about at Hyperstudio.  Tom Scheinfeldt, Paige Roberts, Amanda French…and it turns out Dan Cohen left George Mason University to become the executive director of the DPLA.  (And the DPLA is headquartered at our very own Boston Public Library!)  I mean, of course there’s major overlap between library science and digital humanities. I’m just remembering now that it was really the digital library-related research at Hyperstudio that intrigued me the most.  And I met (and envied) some fascinating librarians at our Humanities + Digital conference.

I don’t know if I’ll actually go get my LIS degree, but it’s a relief to realize I have some grounding information and knowledge to build from if I do.  I re-started the diigo and twitter accounts I used while at Hyperstudio; armed with only those and my intuition, I’m already finding exciting and relevant material.  But it’s easy to end up feeling hazy and unfocused. Sitting at the library feeling overwhelmed by information overload, I reached for the comfort of pen and paper to make a tiny map of my tiny current path:


That’s Rick Prelinger’s twitter account applauding Shannon Mattern’s grad seminar Libraries, Archives, & Database listing her schedule and readings which includes Jennifer Ulrich’s Transmissions from The Timothy Leary Papers:  Applying Archival Processing.

Shannon Mattern’s course has me breathless.  Man those kids are lucky.  Jennifer Ulrich’s post has me breathless.  I want to know everything she knows and I want to do what she does.  This is getting serious.

By the way Rick Prelinger, thanks so much for the tip.  You have no idea who I am but you have played a major role in my career research this afternoon.  I’ve been aware of your work since I was an undergrad when you gave a talk in an art lecture series at Colgate University where I was studying Art & Art History and making my experimental video art.  I used found footage all the time, so I was in heaven.  I fell hard for your archive. No, of course I didn’t dare talk to you.  Must have been 1995 or 96.  I feel old.  But digging into Shannon Mattern’s amazing course material is pretty invigorating.  So excited…will I really go back to school?  Simmons, I long for you.


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