in-progress notes: job market for LIS grads

newer library job titles:

  • emerging technologies librarian
  • data assets manager
  • digital initiatives librarian
  • digital curator

some responsibilities in emerging library roles:

  • “emphasis on developing the agency’s online presence through mobile and social media and web accessibility”
  • “managing digitization initiatives and workflow”
  • “gathering data and analytics”
  • “development of digital research projects and services in academic institutions as well as in other types of research libraries and information agencies”
  • “using emerging technologies to develop and design instructional resources, including interactive tutorials and virtual knowledge centers that can be accessed through mobile devices”
  • “coordinating and managing learning resource centers for K-12 schools and in higher education”
  • “working with a variety of learning management systems to integrate digital resources and services into the learning environment”

— above responsibilities taken from The Job Name Game Placements & Salaries Survey, Library Journal

skills necessary to compete in job market:

  • work collaboratively, across departments
  • be more than one kind of librarian, “blended” or “dual” roles common
  • teaching skills
  • “Reference skills and duties are also encompassed in jobs related to electronic and digital services, including data management and development of scholarly repositories” – The Job Name Game Placements & Salaries Survey, Library Journal

job areas posted at Simmons GSLIS with relatively high vacancies in 2011:

  • archivist – 26
  • digital library/electronic resources – 26
  • reference, academic – 73
  • reference, public – 19

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