Reading Library, week 2

Second day!  Little did I know, my efficient routine in Evergreen was missing one step:  check every time to make sure the box for “all libraries in network” was checked.  Rachel had warned me that, depending on how I search, Evergreen can flip back to searching only within the Reading Library’s collection.  Once I realized my mistake, I had to spend some time going back to double-check my work.

Later, going through the Town Forest boxes, I felt clumsy and inefficient.  There was just so little structure to this project – it was actually up to me to create the structure!  What direction to go in?  How to even begin?  I dared to set aside my legal pad and created an excel spreadsheet.  Am I making my first finding aid?  The first box has “Hammond” printed on the outside, probably the name of the paper company it originally came from.  I call the box “Hammond” in my spreadsheet and wonder even about that small decision.   I began to think about the articles and papers I’d read about archiving principles, and reminded myself to keep the materials in their original order.  I remembered reading Jennifer Ulrich’s posts on processing the Timothy Leary papers, and for some reason, felt reassured to recall her musings on whether or not to remove paper clips.


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