Reading Library, week 3

I found an original hand-written property deed from 1849!   Rachel decided I should wear white gloves and ordered some.  We put the deed – the only original I’ve found so far – in a protective archival sleeve.  It will be scanned; we’ll use the pdf and send the original to the historical society.  Rachel said people have been looking for these deeds for years.  I wonder if there are more in these boxes.

Batchelder deed1

Batchelder deed

I finally realized that the 1111-111 numbers were identification numbers for deeds; (book and page number), things are starting to make sense.

I abandoned my original spreadsheet and began a new one.  In my old spreadsheet, I was describing the box, then the folder, then the folder’s contents (clearly not at item-level, more like “many maps, some hand-written”).  My new spreadsheet is focused on the land lots.  Each row is a lot.  Column headings include “informal lot name”, “deed number”, “former owner”, “new owner”, “date of transfer”, “price”, and “notes”.   I love the lot names:  Hundred Acre Meadow, Dividence Swamp, and Great Island.


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