Reading Library, week 5

I realized that the lot naming changed at some point.  I’m using family names to figure out how the older naming system corresponds to the new one.   In the older system (represented by the “1930 list”), the lots are identified with the numbers 1-7 and then the letters, A-R, with a total of 25 lots.  The new system identifies the lots using only numbers.  In the new system there are more than 25 lots, which is not surprising since new lots were probably added after 1930.  The new identification numbers are from a map titled “Plan of Lands situated at Hundred Acre Meadow, Great Island, Dividence Swamp & Meadow Reading Mass” which is mentioned in many deeds, with copies of the map often included.

At some point, the letter and number system used in the “1930 list” was replaced by the lot numbering system used in this map: 

1930 map

I keep a copy of this map handy from now on.  I’m starting to learn the layout of the forest, and becoming familiar with the names of several families who owned lots before they were sold to (or taken by) the Town of Reading.

Now in my spreadsheet, the first column is “1930 list lot name” and the second column is “map lot number”.  It’s exciting every time I find a correspondence between the two.  I’m filling in so many blanks!


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