Reading Library, week 6

The project goal has become more defined; based on the materials I’ve sorted and (roughly) cataloged, Rachel said we should aim to trace the changing ownership of the individual land lots that, together, became the Town Forest.  Eventually we might have a website where one could see who owned which plot when.  I keep imagining an interactive map with a time-scroll bar at the bottom of the screen; colors or names of plots would change as you moved the time scroll bar from left (past) to right.

I asked Rachel whether she considers it important to retain some sense of the order in which these materials were given to us, and she said not at all, which is a relief.  I now plan to physically rearrange the materials for the first time.  Each lot will have its own folder (archival quality, legal-size for big maps) numbered using the newer, map-based numbering system.

I found a helpful list; it seems someone has jotted down some spare, essential information about each lot.  The lots are listed using the map-based numbering system and the list includes “Lot No.”, “Acreage”, “Book and Page”. There are also a few notes and dates. I’m comparing this information to the data in my spreadsheet, and so far it all corresponds.


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