Reading Library, week 7

I am now going through some of the oldest materials.  I looked at this material before but had no idea what I was looking at or what to do with it.  Now, whenever I find a deed – usually a copy that someone has made from the register book – I figure out which lot it is and enter as much data as I can into my spreadsheet.  I can tell which lot it is by looking for family names and checking the information against the 1930 list.

A copy of a deed; someone has written the deed number in the top right corner:

Edith Bancroft quitclaim

Once I’ve determined which lot the deed refers to, I file it into a physical folder and number that folder with the lot number.  So far, I have about 15 of these “lot folders” in a special archival folder box.  Eventually I expect to have about 40.

Materials adding up in Lot Folder 5:

folder 5 Edith Bancroft

I’m refining my spreadsheet by removing unnecessary columns and reordering columns so that it reads more clearly.


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