Reading Library, week 8

After cleaning up my spreadsheet a bit more, I was able to sort all the data according to column B “map lot number”.  This is the lot identification system that seems to be used currently, though I’d love to talk to someone from the Town Forest Committee to see if that’s still the case.  Maybe they don’t have reason to refer to individual lots anymore – it’s all the Town Forest now.

I’ve entered enough data (and apparently organized it well enough) that I am now able to query my spreadsheet for clues as I comb through additional materials.  For example, a hand written note I suspect is a very early deed does not have any information allowing me to match it to a specific lot, but it seems it was later annotated with a deed number.  I perform a “find” search in my spreadsheet and find a matching deed number.  I think I’ve created a useful tool!

There are 44 lots but after the 20’s I lose the paper trail.  The higher number lots are newer, therefore not mentioned in the older materials.


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