Reading Library, week 9

Continued going through the old material I’d started last week.  I found deeds, maps and other notes (correspondence, town meeting notes) for a few lots for which I hadn’t started folders (because I hadn’t yet found anything papers or information on those lots).  Some kind of document from 1903 which looks kind of like a deed, records tax payments made on the biggest lot, Great Island.  I’m unsure what I’m reading here, but it seems like he owed back taxes and was paying small amounts regularly to regain the title to the property, which (I think?) had been given over to one “H. H. Rogers of Brookline”.  This large lot seems to get divided up into smaller pieces later – it’s one of the more complicated ones for me to deal with.

A deed from 1961 has absolutely no clues I can use to match it to anything I have.  I don’t recognize the owner names, acreage, deed number, or anything.  I expected this would happen more and more as I got into the later deeds.  I’m pretty sure this is on the Northeastern side of the forest.  But then I found a map I hadn’t come across before, with lots of information about this area!  In my spreadsheet, I was able to fill in some lot numbers in the 30s and 40s.

Day camp map

I realized today that I had not been making distinction between copies of deeds and copies of “orders of taking”, which are issued by the Office of the Board of Public works.  Copies of these orders have been annotated with deed numbers and sometimes lot numbers.  I had been so focused on those pieces of information that I hadn’t noticed the context.  I feel like I’m learning to see, or learning to read.

I’m not sure what to do with documents which cover more than one lot; obviously I can’t put them in separate lot folders.


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