Date of birth and a gravestone application from 1949

News! Tom talked to Jayne (donor and Joseph’s uncle) and got his date of birth, much earlier than we thought: 12/20/13! He was older than we thought, and he actually attended Bentley College (not sure if he graduated). Once Tom had the correct birth date, he had more success searching on (this library pays for access to that database, they get a lot of patrons doing genealogy research). He found and printed out the application for the gravestone. I’ve never seen a document like this before. The date on the application is 1949, so I’m thinking maybe his remains were finally sent over from North Africa six years after his death. Or maybe it’s just a marker without a real grave.

When I started working on this collection, I thought the work would go faster than it’s going. It’s partly because of this “ripple effect” — whenever a change is made somewhere in the collection (whether it’s a change in arrangement, a letter found out of place, or any little change), it can “ripple” through all the material and documentation, requiring lots of little changes and amendments that take up a lot of time.

Outstanding tasks:

  1. print separation sheet (acid-free paper!) and put with item 43
  2. incorporate new facts from donor into finding aid. (date of birth, Bentley college, sisters’ names, parent’s middle names, enlistment date)
  3. Re-arrange Series III as noted in front sheet in folder per discussion w/Tom
  4. Edit finding aid scope and content to reflect new series III arrangement
  5. Photocopy clippings (and other ephemera?) on acid-free paper downstairs
  6. In processing notes, list item numbers of ten letters taken out of Mary’s envelope
  7. Make folder 7 in series I for empty envelopes and edit finding aid to reflect changes
  8. Count letters to his dad and edit finding aid, adding item numbers of those letters
  9. Change finding aid dates to 1936-1943 (bulk 1942-1943)
  10. Was Foley Beach named after this family? After Joseph?
  11. Create Finding aid in Past Perfect

Questions for Tom:

  • should scope and content mention that a few letters are to Mr. Foley? – yes, with item numbers
  • Photograph of woman has two dates, which one to use? Earlier one I assume? And range of dates on finding aid? – use 1936 date

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