Arrangement decisions

On the profession:

Tom and I discussed the NEA conference and his talk, which I had attended. He’s been an NEA member for over a decade and, wonders if the emphasis is too much on technology now. He realizes the necessity of adapting during the transition to the digital, but feels something is being lost – discussion about the actual materials we’re working with.

On arrangement:

While working on my finding aid assignment for 438, I have second- and third-guessed my arrangement decisions. I thought I had a good familiarity with the collection when I submitted my arrangement proposal, but then returning to the assignment, I had different ideas about what would work best. The deeper I got into arranging, and the more familiar I became with the materials, the less my original ideas made sense. It was really reassuring to remember that Tom changed his mind several times about the arrangement of the Foley collection (especially about how to arrange the non-correspondence materials – we changed the series and folders)

Separated Items:

I thought I was finished with the processing but Tom decided the clippings (from army base newsletters) that I’d found folded up with a few of Foley’s letters to his mother should be taken out. I’m going to put them in their own folder, which will be the fourth folder in Series III (Related materials). So now I’m going through the 129 letters again, checking each for any clippings. I had made notes of which letter contained clippings, but those notes use the old (Helen the volunteer’s) numbering system, which at this point is difficult to follow.

Collection-level finding aid:

This morning I created the collection-level finding aid in Past Perfect. It was simple of course but it was just fun to finally do it!

Outstanding tasks:

  1. Have Tom print separation sheet (acid-free paper) and put with item 43
  2. Separate clippings from letters and put in Series III, Folder 4: Separated Items (keep list of items numbers theses were taken from, and pencil item numbers on clippings)
  3. Fill out separation sheets for each separated item
  4. Have tom print new separation sheets and place in appropriate folders
  5. Edit finding aid to reflect the new separations
  6. Might be interesting to research: was Foley Beach named after this family? After Joseph?
  7. Create Finding aid in Past Perfect

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