I was happily filling in at the reference desk today at my beloved Robbins Library when I noticed a sign announcing the Metropolitan Button Club meeting. Metropolitan Button Club? I absolutely love buttons. It makes no sense how much I love buttons. I even love the word buttons. Actually, it makes a little sense, if you factor in the nostalgia of playing with my mom’s button collection as a little girl. For a very special treat, we were sometimes allowed to pour all the buttons out of the giant plastic Orville Redenbacher jar and I would just shove my tiny fingers through the beautiful pile. Those were some good sounds, those clinking button sounds.

A little later, a woman named Leah came to the desk for a room key, saying she needed to prepare for her Metropolitan Button Club talk. Instead of graciously handing her the key, I practically yelled “but WHAT is the Metropolitan Button Club it just sounds so EXCITING!” And she immediately whipped out her button boards! Yes, her button boards! Filled with vintage buttons from India! She told me all about buying and selling vintage buttons, about the National Button Society, AND she let me take pictures!


Maybe I should have asked her to take them out of the plastic because I see these images are failing to capture the beauty of the buttons.


Look at the one that says OM! (upside down)


I wanted to leave the reference desk unstaffed and attend her talk, but of course what librarian would do such a thing? So I missed her talk. But I gather these have Deccan Factory Backmarks.



One thought on “Buttons!

  1. My mom used to keep her buttons in a large wooden box and I would play with them for HOURS. I don’t know whatever happened to that box of buttons but I’m very upset that it wasn’t bequeathed to me.

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